Power Plant

There is a power plant (sheesh. actually it’s Doura refinery I think) across the river and downstream from the International Zone. When the wind is low, it makes an impressive plume of smoke.

At night you can see the flare. It’s visible in the daytime from the bridge as you cross into the “Red Zone.”

* * *

A while ago I said that dust storms turn the air golden in the afternoon. MAJ John Tammes has a good example from April.


2 Responses to “Power Plant”

  1. Rafael Cabral Says:

    Hello Timothy.

    I’m Rafael Cabral, a brazilian journalist. I’m looking for the e-mail of Franklin Foer, and I’ve seen that you made a interview with him while ago. Can you pass me his contact, please?

    Thank you,


  2. Timothy Says:

    Hi Rafael,

    To be clear, I never interviewed Mr. Foer. He did not respond to my email. Your best bet would be the database that is linked in the comments to the original post.


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