Fighting Perceptions

At The Belmont Club, Wretchard writes:

Kinetic operations are now routinely shadowed by their political and information war counterparts. Death and mayhem are now props to achieve a political and media effect. Although men may shoot and kill each other in Iraq, in reality the effects both of the planned insurgent attack and the current spoiling operations are aimed squarely at Washington DC.

Regular readers will recognize this as a hallmark of War Amongst the People, as formulated by Gen. Rupert Smith in his The Utility of Force. In our review of the book last month, we quoted the General:

The essence of war amongst the people is the destruction of the enemy’s will to resist by employing strength only at the tactical level,

to constantly and expensively undermine the stronger army and to thereby break the will of the government and the people to make war.

The battlefield as a film set. Read the whole thing.

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