Words on Iraq

In the past few weeks, we have heard powerful, eloquent speaking on the War in Iraq. If you missed these speeches, take a minute to read the whole thing.

Today, the commander of MNF-Iraq, Gen. David Petraeus, spoke on Hugh Hewitt’s radio program.

[W]e have an enormous responsibility, because of course, we did liberate this country. … [T]here’s enormous potential implications for some of the courses of action that have been considered out there, and certainly, a precipitous withdrawal would have potentially serious implications for important interests that we have in Iraq, in the region. …

[O]ur leaders get it, our soldiers get it, they are these flexible, adaptable, thoughtful, culturally astute, and by and large, leaders and soldiers and Marines, and they are showing that on a daily basis here. That is not to say that it is anything at all easy about this, that the complexity is anything but just sheer enormous, or that this situation is anything but the most challenging that I’ve ever seen in some 33 years in uniform.

U.S. Army 1LT Pete Hegseth, the executive director of Vets for Freedom, gave a press conference with a group of Senators in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday (via Power Line).

[W]hile Iraqi political progress is certainly not where it should be, the security improvements American soldiers are purchasing in blood and sweat are a necessary precondition for political progress and a stable Iraq that denies haven to Al Qaida and company.

So we say to Congress, let General Petraeus and the troops do their job. They want to win.

Gen. Rick Lynch, commander of the 3rd Infantry Division, gave a press conference in Baghdad on July 6 to discuss his unit’s Marne Torch operation.

What I believe is al Qaeda has worn out its welcome. They’ve overplayed their hand, and their tactics have indeed backfired. …

I’ve got great confidence because I got great soldiers. And they’re here fighting because they want to fight terrorists here so they don’t have to fight terrorists back home. That sounds like a bumper sticker, but that’s what they believe.

Marine Corps commandant Gen. James T. Conway spoke on July 10 in San Francisco (via Blackfive). See also “One Soldier’s Mission.”

[J]ust last week, Corporal Garret Hawkins had his right leg shattered in a IED blast northwest of Karma. … Once at the treatment station, he announced he wanted to reenlist before he was evacuated. His platoon commander read the oath, the corporal raised his right hand as he laid on the stretcher, and his fellow Marines shook their heads in amazement and could only say, “That’s motivating as hell.”

Sen. John McCain during last night’s Senate debate (via Captain’s Quarters):

I cannot be certain that even if I could convince Americans to give General Petraeus the time he needs to determine whether we can prevail, that we will prevail in Iraq. All I am certain of is that our defeat there would be catastrophic, not just for Iraq, but for us, and that I cannot be complicit in it, but must do whatever I can, whether I am effective or not, to help us try to avert it.

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3 Responses to “Words on Iraq”

  1. Joe Wierzbicki Says:

    Thanks so much for blogging on Vets For Freeedom’s efforts along with these other great comments by those who understand what’s at stake if we surrender to the jihadists in Iraq. The team at Vets for Freedom have done an awesome job the past few weeks. I invite you and your readers to join us at Move America Forward as we launch our national, cross-country “Fight for Victory Tour” this September 3 – 15 ending in DC where we’ll have a rally with a collection of pro-troop groups including Vets for Freedom, Gathering of Eagles, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Free Republic, Protest Warriors and others. It’s a vital time for us to be mobilized and speaking out and it’s for such a just, worthy, noble, and pertinent cause. So let’s kick some butt and stand up to those who wish to force surrender terms upon our troops! http://www.MoveAmericaForward.org

  2. rhkennerly Says:

    What 1st Lt Pete Hegseth of VFF needs to do is abandon his part-time National Guard post and join the regular fighting Army, the folks who have made 3 or 4 or 5 deployments to Iraq and where company grade officers like Hegseth are leaving in droves and are in extremely short supply. Let him fight and die for his beliefs like a real soldier, instead of standing on the sidelines writing articles.

    BTW, Hegseth and VVF are a bit of ringer. Check out him and his organization at http://www.sourcewatch.org. Vets for Freedom is a completely GOP 527 front organization and has, as far as anyone can determine, very little active duty military membership (VFF won’t release a list of members, but donors and contributors are mostly republicans loyalists).

  3. Timothy Says:

    Rick, he’s been. And I’d suggest that stiffening the spine of Congress is pretty important to our success.

    I couldn’t find VFF or LT Hegseth on Source Watch, but being a GOP “front organization” isn’t exactly discrediting.

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