The Lexiary

Rare verbiage spotted at the New York Times:

Still, many in the security community and the news media initially treated the digital attacks against Estonia’s computer networks as the coming of a long-anticipated new chapter in the history of conflict — when, in fact, the technologies and techniques used in the attacks were hardly new, nor were they the kind of thing that only a powerful government would have in its digital armamentarium.

Why have an arsenal when you can have an armamentarium? In a bear of a sentence/paragraph, too.

P.S. I believe that I have coined a rare word of my own: lex·i·a·ry n. A portmanteau word meaning a compilation of unusual and interesting words. From lexicography and bestiary (Greek lexis and Latin bestiarium). Google produces only two hits for “lexiary.”  A proud day, indeed.


One Response to “The Lexiary”

  1. Predundant Says:

    I have just independently invented the word Lexiary while trying to come up with a new word for dictionary that would adequately describe I found your blog while searching for verification that it was in fact a new word.

    My inspirations were lexicography and aviary, but almost any -ary will do.

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