Obama Macintosh Parody Ad

If you are looking for the Ridley Scott original to the unofficial Obama campaign ad, I will have a go at embedding it. Also, here is a detailed disection of the ad by Sarah Stein of the University of Iowa.

The half-time of the 1984 Super Bowl featured a 45 second ad that would be declared in 1995 the best ad of the last 50 years [by Advertising Age].

Thanks to Tom Elia at The New Editor for pointing out the parody.

UPDATE: Zack Exley at Techpresident concludes that the parody ad was professionally produced with funding from an Obama supporter (via Patrick Ruffini).

This was a funded project, involving lawyers and an ad agency or at the very least a professional video person who’s time is worth hundreds of dollars an hour.

I like the commenter who thinks it was Republicans.

Related: Hugh Hewitt is offering $1000 for the best amateur ad for his new book, A Mormon in the White House?

UPDATED AGAIN: It was this guy (via Instapundit).

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