More Defense of Idealism – and Democratization

UPDATE 2/17/06: Neo adds that democratization, too, is the neocon agenda:

[T]echnological advances in weaponry combined with modern communications and ease of travel, as well as an influx of money, have [made] it possible for a small and fiercely angry group to obtain weapons with enormous destructive power, and to deploy them against the West, with the help of rogue nations and leaders who feel their own interests lie in such an attack.

Encouraging the growth of liberal democracy in the region would short-circuit that process, if successful.

1/19/07: Neo-Neocon says that idealism is the neocon agenda:

[T]rying to transform these regions into functioning democracies that protect human rights … is the neocon agenda, and I’m all for it.

Click here for the original version of this post.

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