Interactive Sacre

James Lileks reacts to Le Sacre du printemps, as performed by the Minnesota Youth Symphony:

Holy FREAKING God, and by that I mean the ancient god of fertility who needs an annual virgin to convince him to let the earth flow forth with vines and grains. The Symphony orchestra did “Rite of Spring,” and I don’t mean a watered-down Reader’s Digest 4/4 version, I mean the Rite of Spring, uncut.

Heh. Before the show, the conductor enlisted the audience in a fun reenactment:

I thought: this isn’t going to work with Minnesotans. No one’s going to dare to heckle. The orchestra sailed into it, and with three measures everyone in the hall had assumed their roles. Catcalls! Cheers! Hushing shhhushes, boos and bravos.



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