Friday Mystery Author: February 9, 2007

Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Mystery Author, in which we post a selection from literature (broadly defined) for the amusement of our readers, who may guess at the source of the excerpt (author and title) in the comments. Or, just say hello.

This newly-imported examiner was so different from Sam Turner. It had been Sam’s way to enter the bank with a shout, pass the cigars and tell the latest stories he had picked up on his rounds. His customary greeting to Dorsey had been, “Hello, Perry! Haven’t skipped out with the boodle yet, I see.” Turner’s way of counting the cash had been different too. He would finger the packages of bills in a tired kind of way, and then go into the vault and kick over a few sacks of silver, and the thing was done. Halves and quarters and dimes? Not for Sam Turner. “No chicken feed for me,” he would say when they were set before him. “I’m not in the agricultural department.” But, then, Turner was a Texan, an old friend of the bank’s president, and had known Dorsey since he was a baby.

While the examiner was counting the cash, Major Thomas B. Kingman – known to every one as “Major Tom” – the president of the First National, drove up to the side door with his old dun horse and buggy, and came inside. He saw the examiner busy with the money, and, going into the little “pony corral,” as he called it, in which his desk was railed off, he began to look over his letters.

Earlier, a little incident had occurred that even the sharp eyes of the examiner had failed to notice. When he had begun his work at the cash register, Mr. Edlinger had winked significantly at Roy Wilson, the youthful bank messenger, and nodded his head slightly toward the front door. Roy understood, got his hat and walked leisurely out, with his collector’s book under his arm. Once outside, he made a bee-line for the Stockmen’s National. That bank was also getting ready to open. No customers had, as yet, presented themselves.

Think you recognize this style? Let us know in the comments. Last week’s edition is here.

It has been a dry week for blogging here, and I appreciate everyone who has visited even while I’m otherwise occupied. This weekend, I should have a chance to get down my thoughts on corporate jets and other matters exercising the blogosphere. And stop by on Monday to find out this week’s Friday Mystery Author.


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