Friday Mystery Author: February 2, 2007

Welcome to this week’s Friday Mystery Author. If you recognize this passage, take a guess at the author and title in the credits – or just say hello.

The opera had always been a wonderland of sound in which time stopped and the world disolved in pure beauty. On this night he thought Leporello was a coarse clown, the baritone a scratchy-throated old man, Zerlina a screechy amateur, and the whole plot a bore. He strained his eyes at his watch in the middle of his favorite arias. At last it was done. “Mother,” he said as they came out of the lobby to the slushy street, “do you mind if I go on the town by myself for a while? I’ll see you back home.”

Her face showed how well she understood, and how worried she was. “Willie – our last night?”

“I won’t be late, Mother.” He felt able to stuff her bodily into a taxicab if she argued. She must have known, because she signaled for a cab herself.

Stop by on Monday for the answer. Last week’s edition of Friday Mystery Author is here.

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