Daylife Launches

A new URL for Zeal and Activity, a new startup launch for Jeff Jarvis.

Today Mr. Jarvis, author of Buzzmachine, announced the beta launch of Daylife, a news browser, filter, and aggregator. It seems to have some genes in comon with Google News, Technorati, and Squidoo.

Daylife’s mission statement tries to claim a leadership position in media business model transformation. The key word is “ecosystem.” Mr. Jarvis says Daylife is an API currently being used to run a ranking widget at This recalls one of his posts from October:

If you want to be big in media in the future, make yourself into an API. …

[B]e a platform for news. Enable people to use you to make connections to people and information. Provide the means for them to record those school-board meetings and share the fruits. Give people tools and training to accomplish what they want to accomplish. Create networked reporting tools that let the people join together in acts of journalism (see:

Did the phrase “the of news distribution” crop up in Mr. Jarvis’s conversation with venture capitalists? (Actually, the extent of Mr. Jarvis’s role with Daylife is unclear – I don’t want to mislead.) But it’s easy to envision Daylife as the Amazon Marketplace of news, and thousands of developers building an ecosystem of applications on it, like Google Maps. Maybe Google Adwords is an even better analogy, serving tiny slices of filtered content:

That is how Google makes much of its fortune: by taking its ads to where the people are and sharing just a bit of that wealth.

Best of luck to the folks at Daylife.  It will be interesting to see this develop.

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