Eason Jordan for Transparent Media

Yesterday, I wrote about Wired Magazine editor Chris Anderson’s innovative thoughts on media transparency and open content. I support transparency to improve the reliability of scandal-plagued news organizations.

Today, Eason Jordan, former news head of CNN, is leading an experiment in media transparency.

On November 24, the Associated Press ran a sensational story about mob violence in Baghdad. Its primary source was a “police Capt. Jamil Hussein.” The next day, the coalition’s press office issued a release contradicting the story and denying Jamil Hussein’s employment in the police (see blogger Curt of Flopping Aces, who broke the story, assisted by Austin Bay and many others). The AP stuck to its story.

Now, Eason Jordan, who resigned under blogger attack after alleging that U.S. troops in Iraq were assassinating journalists, has started an Iraq news bureau. To kick things off, he’s going to the bottom of the Jamil Hussein affair. And he has invited Curt of Flopping Aces and prominent right-wing blogger (and Eason Jordan critic) Michelle Malkin, to accompany him to Iraq. This will be interesting.

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