Forbes on the State of Books

Forbes has an interesting, if fluffy, special report on “books and the future of publishing” (via Jeff Jarvis). Highlights include:

  • Dave Egger’s Small Notion: “‘We’re making mistakes on every level of the spectrum that mistakes can be made on,’ says McSweeney’s editor Horowitz. ‘But our audience is really forgiving of mistakes, too.'” (Joe Hagan)
  • Giving It Away: “I’ve been giving away my books ever since my first novel came out, and boy has it ever made me a bunch of money.” (Cory Doctorow)
  • Stop Worrying About Copyrights: “File-sharing has already eaten into music and film industry sales… and publishing is as likely a victim. But, oddly, that isn’t how things are working out.” (Jonathan Enfield)

4 Responses to “Forbes on the State of Books”

  1. David Schleicher Says:

    Interesting…thanks for the links and insight. I find the “Giving it Away” segment to be the most useful for writers.

  2. Timothy Says:

    Hi David, good to see you again. What has been your experience with free content? I saw the excerpt you put up from The Thief Taker – how is reader response to that?

    Also, you and other readers might be interested in this article:
    linked by Cafe Hayek, which I posted here:

  3. David Schleicher Says:

    I’ve gotten very positive responses to my “free content” endeavors. The excerpt has enticed a few people to buy. I also use and release free copies into “the wild” as they call it. Of course, I also give out targeted free copies to friends and other groups who I know will pass it along. It certainly helps build word of mouth and good will with readers. I’m also planning some contests for giveaways of free copies. I figure the more people who read or are exposed to the work, the more likely they are to tell other people about it which ultimately (hopefully, ha ha) will lead to more sales.

  4. Timothy Says:

    Often people will take the time to write a review of a gift copy on Amazon, if you remind them.

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