Recruiting Conservative Candidates

A few days ago, I wrote:

The most important decisions any organization makes are hiring (and firing) decisions.After hammering out leadership for the next session, the Republican party’s first priority should be to recruit outstanding candidates for House and Senate races.

Today, Captain Ed goes a step further:

Given that our choices of leadership have become so constrained that Trent Lott represents the lesser of two evils to some, then it is incumbent on conservatives to start finding better choices for these offices. [my emphasis]

In true blogospheric spirit, Captain Ed envisions a grass-roots effort, facilitated by technology. He plans to create a forum for potential candidates to raise their profiles and support.

The Captain’s Quarters commenters make the fair point that we need a common platform before we can evaluate candidates. To Captain Ed’s criteria, “a formula of first principles that will have broad appeal and eliminate those political pursuits that significantly narrow our reach,” I add a third: the platform should be “simple like a hammer,” a marketing document as much as a policy document.

My post called for GOP leadership to make this task a priority. Recruting great candidates is still the most important thing the party leadership can do; but after this week’s leadership elections, let’s not wait.

More: See also this post from Matt Stoller at MyDD, which I linked earlier this week.


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